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Spiritualitea – a unique and magical herbal tea spell, designed to help you explore the spiritual realms and connect with your inner power. Crafted with a  blend of black tea, ginger and mint, this herbal tea spell is the perfect way to open yourself up to the spiritual world and gain greater insight into your true self.


Brew a pot of Spiritualitea and let the warming, comforting aromas of ginger and mint fill your senses. Feel the energy of this special spell seep into your very being, unlocking and unblocking the spiritual pathways within.


With each sip, you will feel your spiritual awareness strengthen and your connection to the divine become clearer. 


Experience the power of our Spiritualitea herbal tea spell and awaken your spiritual energy and use it to travel deeper into the realms of spirituality.

Spiritualtea Herbal Tea Spell

SKU: PS003
  • Contains: 

    • Black Tea for Spiritual Development
    • Ginger for Unblocking
    • Mint for Protection
  • Assert Your Will
    Heat water to desired temperature
    Recommendations: Black 212, Oolong 190, Green/White 175,  Herbal 190

    State Your Intention
    Add 1 teaspoons of tea to 8 oz hot water

    Focus Your Energy
    Steep for 3 to 5 minutes
    Stir Clockwise to manifest; Stir Counterclockwise to banish
    Tap spoon 3x to seal intention

    Take Action
    Sip your Intent

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