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Mystic Grey, a magical tea spell designed to foster wisdom and insight. This unique blend of black tea and herbs is a witchy twist on the classic Earl Grey.


Mystic Grey is a blend of premium black tea with the aroma of lavender and bergamot, combined with the crispness of lemon peel and orange peel. Our Mystic Grey tea spell creates a cup that is full of magic and flavor.


Let Mystic Grey bring you clarity and insight, and open your mind to new possibilities and ideas.


Mystic Grey is the ideal tea spell for finding inner peace, unlocking creativity, and discovering your own spiritual power. Dare to explore and find the truth with Mystic Grey.



Mystic Grey Herbal Tea Spell

SKU: PS009
  • Contains:

    • Ceylon Black Tea for Courage
    • Bergamot Peel for Protection
    • Orange Peel for Luck
    • Lavender for Purification
    • Lemon Peel for Cleansing
    • Vanilla Extract for Mental Quickness.
  • Assert Your Will
    Heat water to desired temperature
    Recommendations: Black 212, Oolong 190, Green/White 175,  Herbal 190

    State Your Intention
    Add 1 teaspoons of tea to 8 oz hot water

    Focus Your Energy
    Steep for 3 to 5 minutes
    Stir Clockwise to manifest; Stir Counterclockwise to banish
    Tap spoon 3x to seal intention

    Take Action
    Sip your Intent

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