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The Libra Herbal Tea Spell – the perfect magical blend for Libras, known for their balance and grounded wisdom. This potent tea spell is crafted with a base of red rooibos and blended with fragrant rose and zesty orange peel.


We have carefully chosen these ingredients to create a powerful tea spell that is sure to bring balance and insight to your life. 


Brew up a cup of this witchy tea and let the aromatic properties of rose and orange peel fill your senses. Feel the warmth of the red rooibos and enjoy the sweetness of the blend.


As you sip this magical tea, let the energies of Libra work to bring wisdom and grounding to your life. Drink it daily and bask in the harmony that this Libra Herbal Tea Spell will bring.

Libra Herbal Tea Spell

SKU: TS005
  • Contains:


    • Red rooibos for Grounding 
    • Orange peel for Cleansing 
    • Rose petals for Wisdom
  • Assert Your Will
    Heat water to desired temperature
    Recommendations: Black 212, Oolong 190, Green/White 175,  Herbal 190

    State Your Intention
    Add 1 teaspoons of tea to 8 oz hot water

    Focus Your Energy
    Steep for 3 to 5 minutes
    Stir Clockwise to manifest; Stir Counterclockwise to banish
    Tap spoon 3x to seal intention

    Take Action
    Sip your Intent

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