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Cecy Graf

Head Witch In Charge

Hedge Witch Tea is the culmination of Cecy's spiritual journey working with tea potions and tarot and her belief of personal empowerment through the use of natural energy.

Her spiritual journey began in New Orleans, where the connection between spirituality, food and healing is alive and deeply integrated into the culture.

She is passionate about sharing how herbal magic transformed her life and added meaning to her rituals. She created Hedge Witch Tea to help diverse magical practitioners find their own personal fulfillment through the use of natural energy and herbal magic.

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Schatzie Miller

Design Witch of the Wilds​

Schatzie's magical practice is based in root work and Hoodoo. She enjoys connecting with and expressing her Black-American heritage through her magical work. 

Tarot card obsessed and often seen with her feline familiar, she is an earth sign that loves tea leaf reading and exploring the beauty of the natural world through the camera lens.

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